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Ruxandra IONESCU, MD. Ph D. - Professor of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, chair­person of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology “Carol Davila” University of Medicine & Pharmacy Bucharest and Head of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology “Saint Mary” Clinical Hospital. She is director of the Research Centre on the Pathology and Treatment of Systemic Rheumatic Diseases and coordinating person for the international ARMS – FP6 project and Rheumatology coordinator in 4 National Grants. Professor Ionescu is currently the vice-president of the Romanian Society of Rheumatology. She is the president of the Ethic Committee for Research Activities at the “Saint Mary” Clinical Hospital. Her main research interests are focus on the pathogenesis and new treatments of rheumatic diseases, particularly systemic sclerosis, systemic lupus eritematosus, and osteoporosis. She is the chief organizer of international workshops within the RCRD. Professor Ionescu is on the Editorial Board of several medical roumanian journals and is author and co-author of Romanian textbooks of Rheumatology: Essential in Rheumatology and Rheumatology Compendium.

- Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Rheumato­logy, Head of the Department of Rheumato­logy “Saint Mary “ Hospital, Bucharest. She is member of Romanian Society of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine and director of two national grants (2000-2006).Her main interest are focus on collagen vascular diseases and osteoporosis. She is certified Clinical Densitometrist by the Medical Boad of International Society of Clinical Densitometry (2007). She is co-author of 4 medical books and author of numerous medical articles published in roumanian journals.

- Associate Professor and Consultant in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine. Research interests: rheumatoid arthritis (immunohistochemistry of synovial tissue, dendritic cells involvement, biomarkers), inflammatory osteoporosis. Many postgraduate training including international. Director of one Grant of The Romanian Ministry of Education and Research (2007), National Investigator for Romania in a EULAR Project (2007), Rheumatology Coordinator in 2 Grants of the Romanian Academy of Medical Science, member in a FP6 project, principal investigator in 4 international clinical trials, co-investigator in 10 international clinical trials, Associate Consultant for medicine issues at the National Broadcasting Corporation. Author of a book dedicated to rheumatoid arthritis, author and co-author of 11 chapters published in textbooks and monographies in Romania and of 123 papers and scientific works presented in Romania and to international meetings.

Violeta BOJINCA MD, PhD.
Lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, consultant in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, “Sf. Maria” Hospital, Bucharest. Many postgraduate trainings. She is Certified Clinical Densitometrist and Full Faculty Lecturer for ISCD's Education Courses (for both Clinical Densitometrists and Techno­logists). Violeta Bojinca is author of a book, of 17 chapters in textbooks and several papers and scientific works and par­ticipant in 3 National Grants. She is co-investigator in international randomized studies and member of the Romanian Society of Rheumatology since 1994


University Assistant (rheumatology) is the Research Manager of RCRD. Research interests: epidemiology, social and economic evaluation of rheumatic diseases being involved in several international projects (most of them OMERACT / EULAR related). He acted as evaluator and raporteur for the European Commission research activity (FP6) and also functions as Project Manager for the ARMS-FP6 project (grant of app 950.000 EURO). He is one of the four Romanian National Multipliers – research managers trained in a two-year European Commission funded program to facilitate the transfer of know-how in research management.

He works in the field of bone research and is involved in the health economics / social impact research group activities. He is a member of the Ethic Committee for Research Activities of Sf. Maria Hospital being involved in local coordination of several international clinical trials




He is university assistant and specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology. His domains of research interests are in the field of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), i.e. genetic characterization of romanian lupus population and study of autoantibodies associated with SLE, including HEp2 indirect immunofluorescence (IFI) visualization.


Maria Magdalena NEGRU, MD.

She is assistant demonstrator in Rheumatology. In April 2004, she became Rheumatology specialist Physician, working in Medical and Rheumatology. She is interested by clinical activity and she participated to a large electromyography's training in 2006, wanting to get improved in this domain. She recently took her degree in this field

Daniela OPRIS, MD.

CCD University Assistant (rheumatology) and consultant in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology Department of the Saint Mary Clinical Hospital in Bucharest. Her current research activities include interests in osteoporosis. She is Certified Clinical Densitometrist and Full Faculty Lecturer for International Society for Clinical Densitometry's Education Courses (for both Clinical Densitometrists and Technologists) Her interst is focus also on Sjogren's Syndrome which become her PhD subject -ongoing. She is participant in 3 National Grants and co-investigator in more than 15 international randomized studies .

She just finished her training in rheumatology She is a young partner in the university team of this hospital. She is involved in diagnostic and therapeutic decisions concerning chronic and emergency cases in this department, but also she participates at the student training. She recently began her training in Atomic Force Microscopy.

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Luminita VARZARU

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